Online Gaming Addiction, Evony, and Moore's Law

I started playing this online game called Evony several years ago because my brother and boyfriend at the time both played it and liked it.  We started up new characters on the same server and started our own three person alliance just for some social fun together.  It was fun for a while and then we got bored and moved on to other things. Of all the games I have ever played online, I played them because a friend asked me to join them.  After some time had passed, this game called Evony came out with a newer version called Evony Age II.  I decided it would be fun to play a game just for myself for once, not as an invitation from someone else... so I did. Evony uses a game model that is free to log on and play, but if you spend money in their cash shop you can advance quicker and more easily than the freeloaders.  They build in certain roadblocks to encourage you to spend money or else spend months and even years trying to get the very rare drop that will let you advance.  For the m

Change for Better, Tolerance and Harmony

On October 25, 2011 I woke around 3:00 AM and had an urgent desire to write down some thoughts.  When I read it the next day I thought it had some good ideas within it and that maybe I'd refine it at some point and share it.  I've decided instead to present it here in it's raw format, just as I wrote it that early October morning. There are ideas within that perhaps I will expand upon at a later date, but for now I hope the world can open up to these thoughts and embrace the messages of Change, Tolerance and Harmony that our whole world needs. Change what is not working. Why do our Congress and Senate hold sessions where people get up and talk, yet no one is listening? Why do people vote by party lines? Why the lack of personal decision? We need smaller groups with equal representation.  Include civilians in meetings, each group can come to a consensus and speak to the larger body.  Everyone present pays full attention to those speaking and contributes. Abolish par

WI Union Humor

A Corporate Exec, A Teabagger and a Union Rep sit down at a table to talk things over. On the table is a plate with a dozen cookies. The Exec takes ten of the cookies, then turns to the Teabagger and says, "Keep an eye on the Union Rep, he wants a piece of your cookie."

The Law of Attraction

I've been working with the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction says that what you give your attention to, attracts unto itself. So if you think about things you want then you are putting the universe to work for you and naturally and easily drawing that into your experience. Now I'm excellent at this when it comes to small stuff, but when it comes to the big stuff (like attracting wealth for example) I'm not quite there yet. The problem is that you have to think of things that you want as if you rightly know and expect them to be there. If you think about what you want from the perspective of you want it because you need it or don't have it then it's the need or not having that you're actually drawing your way. I remember once years ago my muffler pipe came loose from my car driving home and I was going to be stuck on an old country road for who knows how long if I couldn't find a way to hitch up that pipe. I clearly remember that summer day. I was

I want a President who....

I woke up this morning thinking about the Presidential race here in the United States. I have a candidate that I'm backing, but deep down I don't see any of the candidates as really moving our country in the right direction. Politicians all come onto the scene wanting to make changes and help people. I do believe that. But somewhere along the path they pick up speech writers and policy advisors and analysts and something happens. They decide to run a 'winnable' campaign. They tell us what the pollsters tell them we want to hear and then they get elected and end up making policy changes that will be good for their re-election. I want a President who can sit down at a town meeting and also address Congress and tell it like it really is. I want a President who will say the government is for it's citizens not for lobbyists. Someone who will make a stand and say that making sure no one in this country goes homeless and who will say that we don't need a $50,000

My Friend Matt

"You never write about me," he says to me at 3:51 AM. Well I suppose it's true... for the most part I write about more philosophical topics.... but truth be told many of my posts were inspired from conversations I've had with this person. Matt is my best friend, he's the person who continuously challenges me and makes me think about things. Sometimes I think he takes up an opposite opinion just for the sake of taking an opposite opinion. Some things to know about Matt... He's got a near-photographic memory that sometimes makes me nuts. We'll be having a conversation and he'll pop in something I said two years ago word for word and I'll often tell him he's full of it, but really I'm amazed because most of the time he's right. This leads to another of his traits though..... he thinks he's always right. Just so you know Matt.... you're not always right. This is okay though because a lot of the time he is right and when he&

Passing on...

One constant in the world is that the older you get, the more deaths you'll encounter of friends and loved ones. There is also an old saying that people go in three's. This year at least it's been true. I've lost my Grandma in April, one of my dogs in October and now a 30 year family friend two days ago. A part of me is sad for these losses because I can't see their faces or hear their voices any longer. But another part of me is joyous because they have gone back to God and have no more pain, no more illness, no more suffering. I'm also happy because I still carry them in my heart everywhere I go and when I need some words of wisdom or someone to cuddle up against.. I can just think of them and feel their spirit still with me, still loving me. If there is a lesson to be learned from death, it's to appreciate your loved ones while they are here. Show them you love them with your kindness. Tell them you love them with your soft words. And truly, deeply